Equity Reinsurance Brokers Ltd has capable team members in key areas of General Management, Technical Insurance, Information Technology, Training and other specialized fields in addition to IT applications in business.

Treaty Reinsurance Broking

Facultative Reinsurance Broking

Training and Consultancy

Claims Management

Risk Management


Equity Reinsurance Brokers designs and develops Treaty Reinsurance programs for General Insurance business which sufficiently addresses our clients reinsurance security, underwriting ability and capital management needs on a portfolio level. This enables our clients to effectively manage the combination of premium growth, claims settlement and favorable returns on capital.

Treaty programs designed by Equity Re are well structured to suit your needs. We aim at meeting the objectives of providing excellent reinsurance programs with sufficient capacity.

At Equity Re, we work towards providing our clients with well priced reinsurance programs as our team has great analytical skills and vast knowledge in diverse sections of reinsurance.


Our Training and Consultancy division aims to offer a wide range of training interventions and technical consultancies in General Insurance, general management, staff training in- company, and I.T applications in business.
The division also provides demand driven consultancies to both the public and private sectors of our economy. Short training programs in the form of seminars, workshops are offered and the division also has the capacity to organize conferences.
The division has capacity to conduct training needs surveys for client organizations; design and run in-house training courses for individual clients at their chosen premises; offer in-company problem solving and organizational development consultancy service.


Equity Reinsurance Brokers facilitates placement of Facultative risks. This process is considered useful in managing exposures exceeding the per-risk capacity provided in the original treaty arrangement or otherwise reduces the overall efficiency of treaties in terms of pricing, structure and market. Facultative Reinsurance provides alternative coverage options to help Insurance Companies grow business without worries of exposing the overall underwriting results to excessive volatility from individual policy coverage.


Our claims department will work closely with clients to evaluate, process and collect reinsurance claims in a timely and efficient manner and also create flexible solutions to claims-related matters. We are committed to meeting the expectations of our clients for claims collection.
We will work closely with Reinsurers to obtain timely agreement and settlement. We will handle recoveries for all General Insurance business that are in our portfolio, this will also include Facultative Reinsurance claims.


Risk Management is a challenging area to both the insurance and reinsurance sector. Inefficient Risk Management skills lead to great exposures to investors capital. It is because of this exposure that Equity Reinsurance Brokers Ltd is setting up services uniquely designed into offering advisory services to our clients on measures that will enable them well manage the risks they are exposed to.